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The pursuit of beauty is part of humans’ genetic heritage. At Digicera this creative instinct is combined with passion and the most modern production technology to create a new type of product. A project that is not only beautiful, but also moral, designed to make people feel comfortable in their own space and with a low environmental impact. We have a long story to tell and a keen desire to look ahead to a future of beauty, innovation and sustainability.

An innate passion for beauty and great determination have driven the company to challenge common conceptions and successfully transform what we all call a tile from a functional to a design object.

Our articles are devised, researched and developed, as well as tested and produced entirely. With no short cuts taken, in the conviction that the experience developed over decades by our manpower constitutes added value, in the certainty that every effort to advance our traditions will bring due acknowledgement.

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Innovation becomes not merely an aim but the underlying motor of a new strategy, a unifying principle that brings together the most change-oriented forces both inside and outside firms. New lifestyles demand new products.

Our Missions

Technological innovation is an attempt to improve quality of life in order to guarantee a future “on a human scale”. Artistic talent serves the beauty of nature as well as serving humanity. Because beauty is always sustainable.

Our Vision

Natural textures intertwine with the latest trends in fashion and design to create wall tiles that are the protagonists of an original lifestyle.

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Strong values for a forward-thinking company.
The constant commitment towards aesthetic research and technological innovation has seen the company achieve product and production excellence, thus becoming more and more competitive on the international market.
Environmental Sustainability
Digicera is expressed through the ongoing search for new opportunities created by technological innovations to make the industrial production process increasingly safe and environment-friendly.
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Browse the latest Digicera collections presented . You can use the Virtual Tour to experience the digicera booth and admire the mesmerising textured suggestions of our products.
The ethic of aesthethics
Our aim is to develop life-enhancing technological innovation, in order to guarantee a people-friendly future. Man’s artistic genius at the service of nature’s beauty. Artistic genius at the service of man.

Complete machines and systems for ceramic tiles

Technological innovation and process automation

Competitive machines and systems in terms of efficiency, costs, flexibility and production quality ensuring energy savings and reduced environmental impact.

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